Friday, October 4, 2013

September Acquisitions

 squeezing is some time to update this love of mine! I have been pretty busy with school lately! :( i had lots of things to compile, make and pass. 4th year has took its toll! but i know it will be worth the wait! but anyway, i also squeezed in some little dibs on the month of september. Just little stuffs to help me go on the month!
 First acquisition is a Leopard Bag, since the old one i had died already! haha
 Next is this SM GTW peplum from Soiree! I love the gold details! Its perfect for the coming Christmas Season, red and gold are such festive combinations. And to prepare me for my Internship with Cathay Pacific. :)
 Another Peplum from Shopaholic SM GTW.
 I know summer is a little bit far but here in Cebu its always summer!
Lastly a knitted sweater in mustard yellow! Sorry with the filter! I used my iPod for these photos! No time to process!

Anyway i have to go back to my outputs!
Update soon!

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