Monday, September 9, 2013


Oh the era of social networks, social media's where one can freely post just about anything. Current status, current emotions, feelings, what you did, eat and even whereabouts. As the year goes by we become more techy, more innovative when it comes to technology, as they say. Hi-tech. 

So for our recent acquaintance party our student organization has joined the bandwagon of the famous hashtag called the #ootd. Yes our theme was #ootd. Frankly i dont really think its a theme at all i mean, its so generalized that you cant specify what to wear. Cause basically. You can wear almost anything. So i was really having a hard time on what to wear. And #TAGGED is the name of the event itself. 

So what do you do when you are faced with themes such as that? Too broad. To wide. Too general? My solution is always a dress. Dresses never fails when you go to a party. And that's what i wore to the party. This dress has been lying on my closet for a year now and i have finally got the time to really wear it and have fun in it which i did btw. Haha

i Love cut outs and anything that has a unique cuts at the back. They are my weakness. And forgive me i must brag, this royal blue pumps lasted for 12 freakin hours! A night of dancing and having fun and of course there's the drinking. But imagine, i survived the heels for 12 hours. I give myself a pat on the back for that! 

Here's a shot from the party:
And the aftermath! HAHAHA

Dress-Clothes Off
Necklace-Sm Accessories

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