Monday, September 2, 2013

No its not a skirt

 Some Dresses are quite tricky. Take for example what i'm wearing. Some people thought that i was wearing a tank top and the stripes was the skirt. No. And if you thought about the same thing. No, its not a skirt. Its a one piece dress actually, which i love to death. Its simple, yet there's a retro feel to the navy blue stripes. And it can also be classic because stripes are always classic.

 I wore this number to church with my cousin Mark, who took my photos btw. The length of the dress is church friendly and i also wanna take this blazer/cardi for a spin. As well as my snakeskin bag. Added to my fierce animal print collection. I have this print in a form of pants, shorts, now the bag, a pumps and hopefully soon i can score a perfect snakeskin top. 

Sundays. Always aiming for chic and comfort. 

Cardi-SM GTW
Bag-SM PArisian

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