Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cut it out

 As ive said. August is such a joy to me. Birthdays are always a blessing. Aside from getting a year older. Its a new chance , a new start for another year of journey with one's self. Plus cash are always an added bonus. Which leads us to todays post. What i wore to my birthday shopping spree which fell on SM's 3 day sale. Like always.

 When shopping. Always always wear comfortable flats that you can easily take off, because youre gonna fit shoes and it would be easy. So i was wrong with my choice. I shouldve worn some sling backs or sling on flats. But the comfort that this vince camuto flats gave me was, well very comforting haha

Second, a comfy shorts or a skirt. In my case, this highly irregular skirt was waiting for its turn to be used. So i had to take them out. 
3rd. Wear a top you can easily get off. Button downs are a no-no. Its so much hassle when you fit something yes?
Youve seen my hauls for this shopping trip. I do hope you agree with my rules. Haha

Skirt-SM GTW
Bag-SM Parisian
Flats-Vince Camuto

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