Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Yes! I took this outfit to a Casino and yes, i played Bingo in it. haha well my mom did and i just accompanied her. As if im the lucky charm! haha sans the heels though, i realized on the way there that it looked better with flats, it looks relaxing and comfortable and it really is. Sundays are always R and R days.

 I apologize for my lack of photoshop skills. hahahah  Actually this skirt is inspired by one of my fashion icons, Blake Lively.

This was supposed to be the inspiration but i realized that the skirt was too flowy for the skirt i had, when it hit me, she has another maxi that ive seen in Gossip Girl also which was this:
So this was supposedly the inspiration! I just wished i had a vest on with me! :(

Skirt-SM Ladies
Heels-Figlia from Shubizz
sunnies-SM accesories

What do you think?
Do tell.

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