Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last Wave

I am all for the nitty-gritty. And so it appears, i am back! I'm sorry for the long hiatus again. It happens sometimes, specially when life is so vicious as of late. But hey, im a strong girl, a big girl and as Fergie says Big Girls Dont Cry. The disadvantage of being strong is people will abuse your strength, knowing that there's nothing you could  not surpass. But hey i am human, as strong as i look, i also wish that someday, i want to be saved. But the harsh reality is, no ones really gonna save you. Maybe there will be, but he/she will save you and then eventually break you apart, left you like you were when he/she saved you.

This is probably the last waves you'll see of my locks, i have finally decided to curl my hair for the second time. And for the first tiime in my life, i have my hair this long.

On to my outfit, as ive said, im all for the basics, the essentials, what's mundane. And that means Jeans. Because these basics are well, classics. You can never go wrong with them. They dont fade away like all the other trends. So for a day out with my sister, i wore some jeans, a tank top and this oversized vest because i dont do simple. Well sometimes i do haha and this pointy leopard which literally killed my feet. I now know the importance of platform heels haha

Hopefully, i can update as much as i can, again im feeling positive. Crossing my fingers!
Accessories-Downtown FInds
Watch and Heart Bracelet from Carlo
thanks to my lovely photographer of the day! :)


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