Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 Life is so random. Its full of surprises, one day you are happy, and the next you're not. One day your life is normal and the next thing you know, its upside down. You might be wondering who is Enzo, cause thats obviously not me haha Well this post, the outfit is what i wore to JC Enzo's first birthday party! Haha yes, he's my sister's nephew, i think?

 I opted to wear my white jeans, since it fell on a Sunday and you know i have church obligations. Must spare some time for the man above who's nothing but great! And my cropped peplum top to match my new wedges c/o SM's Mega Shoes and Bag Sale. That was CRAZZYYY with a K. Haha

 The funny thing about this outfit is, the part's special guest was Barney and well, we blend in! Haha

 And introducing also, my Paris bag :) Its roomy and waterproof. And light and not to mention very chic, im a fan of the place and this bag says it all.

Pants-Fiesta Mall
Bag-Fiesta Mall
Earrings-F21 (Gift)


  1. Cute look. the top is adorable :)


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