Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trade in

 I finally (No not really) traded my slippers to shoes, shorts to pants and breezy tops to covered up tops. I guess summer is really over right? But for some of us, it never ends. 

 Wore this outfit to enroll myself to school. Yay senior year here i come!

 Figured I could use my F21 jeans and booties. Since i havent really posted them here just yet! After a stressful day at school, i went to see the beau and ended the day with some latte and some sweet snickers doughnuts at Krispy Kremes, along with the  person who took my outfit shots this day. My cousin: Mark :)

That's me trying to imitate my cousins "TIMELESS LAUGH" stolen daw? HAHAHA

Fringed Cardigan-WAGW


1 comment:

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