Saturday, June 1, 2013

Romp it up

Summer classes are about to end. And summer is about to end as well. And this is my 2nd time to hit the beach. I feel so awful really but i know it'll be worth it because next summer i'll be classes free. Forever actually. Haha fingers crossed. In god's will.

My boyfriend and i needed some R & R even if it was just a day, just a day to get away from all the stress this city gives us. Aside from the fact that it was the weekend before election, we just wanna get away from everything. And since we are from the queen city, a 20-40min of travel time and you'll get sandy feet. And ocean breeze.

What i wore:
I wore this yellow romper i have for quite some time now. I was just wasnt able to make use because when i got these i wasnt my skinny self. Haha and this yellow in its yummy pastel is just so perfect for summer dont you think?

Yellow Romper-Gillian of ByDetails

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