Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Acquisitions

 May is such a quick transitions from Summer to Back to School, just when May started to kick in, the malls were all about Mid Summer Sale. But as May is about to end the racks of cute shoes and clothes have changed to school shoes and school uniforms.

But here are one of the few items i have managed to grab on SM's Mid Summer Sale

 Pastel Flats at 249.75, originally 499.75
 Still at 50% off bag from Parisian
 Floral Maxi Skirt at 275 from SM Ladies!
 Studded Toeberries Mint Rubber Slippers at 100. Perfect for the beach.
Bag from Parfois.

Do you remember my floral pants craze? Or the printed pants for that matter? When all of my acquisitions were all about them. Well this summer i have been all over bags. Maybe its just me preparing for my last year in college! Oh how time flies so fast :)

 My last swimmie purchase which i love the most because it literally carry the summer vibe. Talk about the sailor color scheme. the white and blue stripes. The red. Right?

So as ive been saying im all about bags. Here are some of them:
 Samantha Mary Bag
Its a really huge bag. For my trips and etc.
 A make up pouch  :)
 An Estee Lauder tote bag
 And this yummy green bag!

Whats on your haul?

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