Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Capping the Day

It is always a dilemma for me on what to wear during after-outings. You know, when youre already tired and youre heading home. Whenever i pack for trips like these. I always make sure that i would feel comfortable in whatever i wear.
So for this trip. I packed my sheer green top. And this green highwaist shorts to match.

I know that im probably just heading home in this. But stop-overs are always inevitable. And its good to be prepared always. As the saying goes "everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway" you are your own stylist, i might add.
And i was right. Upon heading home me and my boyfriend decided to eat at Lantaw. Its a floating (not literally) restaurant just 2 kilometers away from the resort. The place was very amazing, romantic and very serene. See for yourself!

A way to cap off a perfect day is to have a perfect dinner by the beach.

Thank you so much for the perfect day :)

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