Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunset by the beach

When the sun sets. The tide gets low. And all there's left to do is capture the moment. And we girls came prepared.

These Photos were taken just when the sun was about to set, maybe a little later though. Cause this looks like scorching hot! Haha

Corset Bikini- Shopeteer
Shorts-My Fashion Craze

 The tides were really low and we had the opportunity to be nearer to the pink skies, actually i wasnt able to go farther because it was getting dark and there were "tuyoms" in the water haha and i was a scaredy cat!

 So, this is how starfishes makes love. So ive heard. haha they were all over the place when the tide was low. It was pretty amusing. I had to disturb some of them because i was too ignorant! hahah

 A really huge starfish i saw! Makes me want to steal it too! haha
And the golden hour! Dont you love it? Its so dramatic, romantic, awesome, amazing. Im lost for words.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. the beach looks beautiful :D nice swimsuit!

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