Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sand Bar

One of my favorite clothing during summer is cover ups. I love how they're so laid back and breezy.

I got this cover up @ Camisa while it was on sale and this was the first time i really used it. I thought i could make something out of it. Like wear it casually but im still trying to figure out how. Haha

Bow Bandeau - MissC
Bikini Bottom- RonJon's
Cover Up-Camisa

This bow bikini top would be absolutely adorable if it has its pair which is a long story. But anyway, bikini's are also evolving that you can also mix em and match em right?
We had our R&R at the newly opened resort in Cordova Cebu. Best Western Sand Bar Resort. I couldnt really say the place was amazing. But it was good. 
Though they are still developing the place. And dont expect a real sand bar though haha their adult pool is only 3ft or 4ft deep if im not mistaken. But despite all this. it was worth it :)

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