Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running round in Circles

There are moments in our life when we just cant stop repeating the same mistakes over and over. But then we are all human. And its ok to allow yourself to make room for mistakes because thats how you'll learn. But there are times also when enough is enough. Sometimes its all too much.

I wore this polka dot dress just after the holy week. Reminds me so much of the 50's. My favorite era. This is also my favorite dress. Its a gift from Miss Siyonn, my mom's japanese boss. The circles just reminded me so much of my current state right now. Maybe i dress up too much according to everything right? Though i hope its a good thing haha

Flats-SM Parisian
Belt-Fiesta Mall

This dress always goes well with this gold glitter belt and one of my new favorite flats from Parisian. I think i was aiming for sweet and sophisticated look. Hope i did justice.


  1. Love your dress
    You look stunning!
    Your blog is very inspiring
    I'm following you now
    Hope you can follow back!

    Lots of love,



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