Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mr. Golden Sun

So here's a continuation of my recent and only summer trip (yet) haha so i have been receiving a lot of emails and inquiry about the place and im very sorry for being such a bad blogger. Sometimes when im in a hurry i just type something easy and fast. When you wanna maintain a blog you need to give it time , so they say. But i am not really making money out of this. Its more of a hobby so its cool. But anyway, the place where i went is just located in Cebu. Northern part of Cebu. Tabuelan, Brgy. Maravilla. The place isnt really developed just yet so its not really advisable for families to go. Although they have few decent rooms you could rent there. Some are just cottages and others are rest-houses. But if youre with a group of friends and seeking adventure then might as well pack up. And bring your girl scout stuffs. Cause you'll probably gonna need them. I swear the trip was worth it. 

On to my outfit. For a day's stroll at the beach, of course i wore the bikini underneath. Though tto keep things interesting i had some cover up on and shorts too because i am already tan. Its like my normal color. And of course my trusted grendha flats. I bought this for summer last year and i cant believe its still alive till now :) 

The Submissive Special Car! An Audi!

Beachin' in style with my heart leopard sunnies.

More photos soon!

Shorts-My Fashion Craze


  1. Cute outfit :D great photos too!


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