Thursday, May 16, 2013


 Not exactly LIKE A G6, but im at a parking area, at the G6, more like ground 6. Haha
Ive been really busy right now, with class and everything in between. I dont even have the luxury of time to take outfit shots for summer classes since i have a whole day class. And its such a hassle for me. Though i still enjoy the dressing up part. Picking different pants everyday. Having patterns of Mondays-Floral
Thursdays-FREE Days (meaning i get to pick any print i like)
Friday - PJ pants

Its a little crazy but its so enjoyable!

 I wore this outfit last Sunday, to church and leisure time with my Family. Its perfect for church because its not so short. ANd its really breezy plus the cloth is so soft. I also love the striking prints, and how the mullet falls. Its perfection :)

 Though i can determine the prints if its aztec or what, because theyre like doodles of sorts. Right?
I also paired this dress with my fave comfy flats from Parisian.

 Dress-SM GTW
Flats- SM Parisian

Im such an SM girl arent i? Haha


  1. What camera do you use? By the way, gorgeous dress!

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