Thursday, May 2, 2013

First taste of Summer

 Finally had my first taste of summer on the end of April, ive been pretty busy lately with school taking up all the time of my day, all of my energy. I barely even have time to unwind. But last April 27, my friends and i went on an adventure, good thing we met some locals around the place who showed us the beauty of their province. The place was very calm and serene, the photo im showing you right now is just the day one. I cant wait to show you the golden hour. 

 This is what i wore in going to the beach and also for the roadtrip, i wore this sailor dress because its light and breezy and its perfect for summer! :)

 My trusted Romwe Sunnies :)

 Its always fun with these girls around! More photos soon! BUt for now. Quick post because im after a deadline! And im about to get roasted! SOON!


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