Friday, April 5, 2013

Day to Night

Sometimes life throws us lots of errands at a time. Things to do. Places to go. Events or parties to attend. All in one day. How i wish i had a portable closet with me right? The one that's small as a wallet but can magically turn into a closet for a days worth of outfit.

Though its still possible to wear an outfit that could go from day to night without really looking like youve worn them out the whole day. In my case though i only had two agendas for the day. One that requires casual dressing and the other one that requires partying? Haha

Mint Oversized Top- F21
Comic Print Dress- Thrifted
Flats-Follie (Metro)

What to do? Grab your sexiest bodycon dress for the night and a cute oversized top. Put both on and youre ready for tea time with friends. Or errands to go.
And if youre not the bodycon type of girl you can still make do with your party dress layered by a cute crop top to make it look like casual.

Then for the final look, take off the top. Pop some heels and dance the night away. Agree?

Whatever you think let me know? ;)

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