Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Sun can Shine too Bright

Its aready March and we all know what's next, SUMMER! Its been a long while since i wore something bright and i had this dress sleeping around somewhere and i think that it's the perfect time to wear this. Agree? Though this dress can scream a hell lot of YELLOWWWWW!! So that's why i had this sheer cover up and it also looks chic that way yes?

There's actually a trick here in my cover up, you see, i placed a safety pin to make it looked like it has a button. But the truth is, it's purposely pinned so i can hide my unwanted flabs! haha Ive been pigging out a LOT lately. Now that's gonna change, because summer is just kickin right around the corner so i better get this body ready! haha

Im starting to accessorize again, slowly this time, one accessory at a time. And ive been using this bucket bag like nonstop!

Another secret here is, my original shoes was supposed to be my Parisian Wedge who died on me! Thankfully when i reached the mall, so it wasnt as embarrassing as it would be if it died on me on the streets, or the ride going to the mall. But hey, i would love to think that it was a blessing in disguise, because if not then i wouldn't be force to get this lovely flats from Follie's (Metro Department) which i super love and mind you, SRP at 199.75. So its a steal! And well this actually is the first acquisitions for March. I have a habit of starting the month with a pair of kicks! haha
Dress and Cover Up-WAGW
Bucket Bag-Metro

What do you think?


  1. what screams summer than yellow right? love the trick you used to cover up the flabs :D

    Thirdbite | style blog

  2. Super cute! I can't wait for summer!


    1. Well in my country its just right around the corner :)


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