Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mullet over Mullet

 Have you ever tried the same style over the same style? Didnt know it could work though. Here's my take. Mullet over Mullet. I scored this mullet top sometime last year,, oh yeah a 12-12-12 buy along with my bestfriend, and havent really gotten the chance to wear them since it was more like an impulse buy. But anyway, this sheer mullet skirt also has been lying for too long in my closet and i decided to pull the two, pile them on and cinched my waist. Off i go.

 I never thought it could work!, but here it is and it looks like a dress but not really, the skirt flatters well with the top, since both are asymmetrical. I was thinking of doing the Ruffles over Ruffles next. Haha yes?

 Since summer is just around the corner, the more ive been drawn to wearing flats. Though i must admit that wearing heels has now been difficult for me, I now tire easily and cant stand longer periods of time in heels. So id like to practice myself again, which is very impossible this summer, as usual the heat is insane!

Since both are sheer, ive used my midrib bustier for a sexy feel! haha

Top-Surplus Shop (SM)
Flats-Vince Camuto
Belt-Fiesta Mall

Id love to hear your comments, suggestions and etc.


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