Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunday Stripes

 I finally got to wear this Mullet Skirt from Romwe in wine red last Sunday after having this in my closet for almost a year now since it arrived from the mail. Can you believe me? haha Though i think it's a great start for love month dont you think? I packed this skirt with me going to my mom's place up north this weekend for a Sunday outfit, along with a corset and a cropped cover up. But the next day my sister and i, raided our mom's closet and i stumbled upon this top which i figured she wont be wearing anymore because it fits me haha so i opted for this instead which was a good choice, compared with the corset, since it was a chilly and rainy afternoon.

 My trusted pointees! I love them to death. They dont hurt at all and the low heels are such a savior from slipping and still looking great without sacrificing your legs and feet.

Shoes-Rusty Lopez

Would you wear this?


  1. your so pretty!

    I just posted a new outfit of the day. What do you think?

    i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  2. that is such a gorgeous color of stunning red!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Margaret :)I love them as well :)

  4. love your outfit darling great blog what about following each other from GFC?
    <3 also on bloglovin, facebook, instagram, twitter and lookbook? if you want :3 <3 let me know
    New post is up on my blog WHERE YOU CAN ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS!

  5. you are gooooorgeous! I love your outfit too!



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