Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Old Boxes

 Have you ever tried wandering through your old boxes at home? If you havent yet, try to. If youve seen my previous post you'd know that what im wearing is an old stuff i found in an old box of clothes supposedly for donation! haha walang patawad! but hey can you blame me?

 Wearing old clothes are easy as 123, duh match them with new ones and some up to date clothes! :)

 Like this triple slit robe/dress from ByDetails! I also triple love it. I have a weak spot for slits and anything that flows like a tail. Its so whimsical. Yes? And used some low heeled wedges for some height.

 This is actually my 2nd peplum skirt, i have given this away to my dear sister who thankfully still has it in her closet without using it! I had this ever since peplum wasnt much of a trend. I also used my shell necklace if youve noticed in my photos. Im a sucker for shell crafts.
Peplum Skirt-Old
Wedge-Pedro by Janilyn



  1. I absolutely love your blog. I'm following here and on Facebook/Twitter and hope you will follow me too. Love this outfit :)


  2. You know what sis, i just realize one time i visit your blog, na kamukha mo pala si maja salvador!? haha bongels!

    1. Thank you Sasa! I get that a lot hehe :)


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