Monday, February 25, 2013


 Yes, finally. I am wearing my first midi skirt. I had this just earlier this year, one of my fashion resolutions is to be open for more styles. I was never a fan of midi skirts, but seeing the outcome of this makes me love it. Its so sleek, sexy yet formal.  The reason why im also starting to collect them is because i am close for my On the Job Training! :)

 So for my first midi skirt look, i wore it to church, which was very proper. I thought that the key to midi's is you pair them with something sexy for the top part, but no, the key to pulling off a midi skirt is to wear heels, low or high. Pumps does the trick ;) Surprisingly, this old polo i have which i tied to knots to emphasize the high waist of the skirt, works!


What do you think?

Photos by Cynara Veronica


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