Monday, February 18, 2013

Just the Way you are

 Forgive my cheesy title, i actually got it from a song, and no its not Bruno Mars's song. Its from Milky. Its a house music by the way. There are just times when you're blank. You cant think of anything. Haha so i shuffled my playlist and this is the first song that played! Oh well :)

 Wore this outfit to school. Im actually embracing the sweater trend! Props to my sister for the influence haha when we shop, she's all about sweaters! Haha so i got one for myself and lo and behold, its not that bad right?

 I can already think a number of outfit sets with this sweater, lets just pray i get to pull everything off! Teehee! The good thing about this sweater is, its knitted, so its a little airconditioned, so Philippine Weather Friendly haha and it doesnt show much skin. Winner! Plus its beige :) paired with my awesome pants that pops! Agrree? I looove these pants to death even if theyre not the best of quality, not to mention one of the expensive pants i have and the most low quality i got tsss. But then, the prints just make up for all the flaw so its okay. And lastly, added some height, and i just realized how my shoes works so well with pants! Right?

For the finishing touch? A gold necklace and a classic earrings. Clean, simple yet stylish. Agree?

Earrings and Necklace-Downtown
Knitted Sweater-F21
Floral Pants-SM Ladies
Bow Wedge-Pedro by Janilyn


Photos by Carlo Lopez


  1. So pretty! Love the pants!



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