Sunday, February 3, 2013

January through Instagram

My, how time flies, its already February! I almost missed this entry every end of the month! So here's a little recap on what went on my first month of 2013 :)

1. started reading OVERDRESSED by Elizabeth CLine. I personally encourage all fashion enthusiast to read this book, it's got very important information, and facts about the world of fashion, what is cheap fashion, how cheap fashion grew. And the garment industry. Its all about clothes, how theyre maid and everything!
2. I also made a Polyvore account, this is just one of the first set i made, inspired my summering in lala land :)
3. Youve probably seen this. This outfit won be a BDJ planner which i gave to my sister because i already had one which my boyfriend got me as a gift this New Year! :)
4. I think this photo is interesting. A soccer print truck for construction? C'mon!
5. Camwhoring while waiting for my love haha
6. All time fave milk tea and BDJ <3
7. Bridesmaid-ing
8. Sinulog with my sis!


1. Sinulog with my loves <3
2. Finally had time to sort out make ups and threw expired ones.
3. Stage boyfriend.
4. First Show with sissy :)
5. A treasure pants!
6. Tweet Tweet!
7. Carlo's super late bday gift. A painting of moi! haha
8. Chatime-ing :)


1. Back to school! My staple make up look only! NO liner :)
2. Weddings <3
3. Unfinished.
4. The day after the wedding
5. Tired pumps, i mean feet.
6. I want this!
7. The wedding :)
8. Finally arranged my accessories together


1. Never thought my first purchases this year would be on books!
2. Sweet little things from Carlo :)
3. Beans ala Coleen! :Hahaha

How was your first month of 2013?


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