Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Acquisitions

Before i break down with my acquisitions for this month, let me tell you something first. This month, i shop less! hahaha yes, so there's only 5 items for this month. Can you believe that? I can! haha
Just the other day, i challenged myself to do something. I went through all my clothes, and well, half of them are unworn! hahah So, i placed it in a box, one box, full of clothes unworn. And i challenged myself never to open my cabinet unless i have worn all my clothes in the box. Its full of tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear. Its also a challenge for me to mix and match! So wish me luck! And i will be labeling those outfits as Challenge Number One: ______ .
So here goes!
For my first acquisition of the month, i went thrift shopping! Because i miss it, and it doesnt hurt the pocket much! :) Here's a beaded and printed top. Perfect for school and for casuals! :)

 Sorry for the blur photo! Youve seen this already in my Insta post, its belt is sewed along with the pants, its not removable. But hence its cute and unique :)
 A bright yellow romper from Gillian of ByDetails! :)
 Pahabol shopping from f21's crazy sinulog sale! A sweater. Joining the bandwagon of the sweater trend, in oxblood red :)
 A plum midi skirt! I reaaaaally love this skirt and also because its from F21 which i got on sale too! :)
And lastly, a silk cover up in cheetah print? Or leopard? which my Carlo paid for the half of it, so its like a semi gift! Hahah well he had a certificate and i just have to add. :)

So thats just it.
How about you?


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