Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February through Instagram

1. The truth about fashion. Overdressed by Elizabeth CLine
2. Tiramisuu!
3. Shopping with BFF!
4.Danasan Adventure
5. A not so bitter valentines! Teehee
6. Back to XOXO
7. Tried jogging with my sister!
8. Meet our new baby! Pochito! :)

1. Girltime (Tea Time with sissy)
2. Rainy Rainy Month
3. The Challenge
4. FLoors like theseeee
6. Every time spent with this girlfriend is soo precious since she's a working girl now! Coffee Dates never gets old.

Since February is a short month, im gonnna leave you with my short Instagram photos which i hope you enjoyed!



  1. Awww your dog is adorable! He is such a cutie pie! I absolutely adore instagram!

  2. cutteeeeeiiieee puppy! you and ur sis are very pretty :D

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