Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Acquisitions

It's the time the month again where i round up all my acquisitions! And this time, i think i hoarded a lot in comparison to my January Acquisitions with only 5 clothings. As they say diamonds are a girl's bestfriend. But for me and maybe for most of you guys, Clothes and Shoes are a girl's bestfriend. 

So here's what i got for love month. Its just a sneek peek though, like the cloth and etc.

 This one's actually a MINT sequined skirt from F21
 Belt from f21

 Heart Tights from F21, i seriously did not know why i got these, maybe its because its on sale for 32.50 Pesos. Yes thats right. 32.50 :) Crazy sale with a capital K. KRAZYYYYYYYYYY!
 This is another midi skirt! :) With leather inset on the sides. Its actually a zip-up. :) also from f21
 This is a glitter pencil skirt. :)
 Another leather and this time its a fringed skirt. I was having confusions with this skirt but then luckily my bestfriend reminded me that this would make a "STATEMENT" and i thought to myself "yeah she's right! why havent i thought of that?"
 Another sequined shorts from F21. Its garterized! I love these to bits!
 Another glitter shorts. A drawstring shorts from F21 AGAIN! haha and this time in gold/bronze
 PriceTags! :) before thrown out haha
 The first purchase for love month goes to these pretty aztec brogues from Juice! at SM DEPT. Store
 And theeese lovely booties from F21!
 Skinny ankle jeans! Denim can never get old!
 A wrap maxi skirt from GTW.
 Black laced top from F21
And lastly, the one that capped off my shopping list is the return of this mullet dress from SM GTW! :)

What was in your haul this month? :)



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