Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daddy Dearest

 Wearing black dresses on broad daylight can be a little intimidating. As much as it seeks so much attention, it is not the kind of attention you would really want.
I have always wanted to wear this dress out (which by the way this is the first outfit for my challenge which i mentioned here though i wont be placing the challenge word before my title hehe) and i couldnt figure where to, or how to since its a little bit short. The solution? An oversized denim longsleeves polo from my Dad, this is one of the only things that i got from my dad. And i am so glad i have this. Not only it will serve as a good memory to me but it also helps me in my fashion emergencies, i had a lot in mind already on how to style this polo :) And with that in mind, ive been thinking about raiding my boyfriend's closet. hahaha Carlo, if youre reading. Im just kidding! Haha

 I wore this outfit to a supposed to be relaxed day with my sister, but then, you cant control things. Unfortunate events are always inevitable. Youre lucky if you are. But there's always the next day. Right?

 One unfortunate incident is how i ran out of sunlight! hahaha which explains my picture. So im sorry :( haha

 This is the dress alone, sans the polo. Would you wear this on daytime?

Dress-Fiesta Mall

Photos by Cynara Veronica



  1. easy chic! such a stunning dress!

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc? let me know.
    see you around! xx

  2. Wow, you look stunning! ;)

    I'm your newest follower, would you follow me back? :)

    Kisses from Poland!


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