Saturday, February 23, 2013


 Ive always wanted to wear this caped cardigan i got last sinulog as a half gift (haha) from Carlo. I have been eyeing this piece since they let the mannequins wore this. And luckily, i got it, the last piece, though not my size. But then as the saying goes, if the shoe fits. haha in this case, if the cape fits!

 Finally, i got this out and see the sun, too much sun actually. Haha my pictures are wayyy too bright. I know! haha Wore this to a date with Carlo. He is always happy when i use his gifts. Which is very often since he gives me something that i can really use. The necessities :)

 Since it was a movie date, this cape was perfect to keep me warm inside the cinema or i would freeze in my Romwe corset sans the cape. opted for some highwaist shorts, because they instantly covers your tummy (the loose ones) and they give you curves. Plus they look really chic.

Caped Cardigan- Metro
HighWaist Shorts-Fiesta Mall
Loafers-So! Fab



  1. Very nice outfit :D i use long cardigans to cover my legs on the jeep when I wear skirts :D

    1. Thanks Steph. Theyre very useful! hehe :)


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