Saturday, February 16, 2013


 This is probably the first post where you see me in my braids. I do braid my hair everyday in school. And Sunday's are always hair down days but this was an exception since it was scorching hot. The weather has been really bipolar lately. You get sun and rain and sun again and rain. It gets frustrating at times. But then again, Sundays are one of the days where im free from school uniform so i really grab the chance to wear something nice out. :) Usually Wednesdays (wash days) and Sundays are my lazy days. Fridays and Saturdays are my dress up days. But this Sunday was an exception (again!) because i was with my sister :) Bonding with her is always extra special.

And as per usual, there's always a series of photo blunders. Haha either getting caught midspeech or sleeping. Like this hahaha kidding!

Since Sundays calls for an obligatory mass, i dont need to rack my brains out on what to wear for the bottom part, i have stocked up lots of FUN PANTS, and maxi and midi skirts which by the way speaking of midi skirts im still on the process of loving them, styling them. Haha But anyway, i wore my royal blue trousers to mass, and this light tank top, and finished my look with this floral blazer from SM GTW, if you can notice i also have a pants in this print :)

 I can just take off the blazer when it gets hot or after the mass and im good to go for a chic bonding with sissy. As you can see also, i'm using my favorite pointees again! Haha i think i need an alternative so i dont destroy these babies just yet. That's gonna be a new hunt ;)

 Minimal accessories.
(caught midspeech lol)
Floral Blazer-RedHead (SM GTW)
Shoes-Rusty Lopez
Bracelet-Gift from Carlo

Too business casual? Or good for Sundays?
Lemme know,

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