Friday, January 18, 2013

White Gold

 What do you wear coming to a wedding as the bridesmaid that you can wear after everything? If there's one thing i have learned in fashion is that the color Gold is not really flashy. Its fancy but sophisticated. I was always afraid of wearing Gold pieces, im not the flashy type of person, i dont even own gold jewelries for that matter. Its just not my thing, though i have received few gifts of jewelries and i ended up losing them. I was a kid back then haha i think the only gold jewelry i have is the ring my mom gave me when i was in my Sophomore years in highschool and i never took it off since then.

So, for the wedding of my sister's cousin, it was such an honor to be a bridesmaid and that means i dont have to worry what to wear at the wedding since its all taken cared of. i picked up my gold quilted shorts, since i figured that i might be changing clothes after the reception and i did, which explains my outfit shots :) I never thought id have this outfit shots since i was rushed to have hair and make up when i got there.( More on the wedding soon. )

I paired my shorts with this plain white ruffled top. Its such a plain top but i think it is classic. So you have white and gold. Plain shorts and top turned into an "after wedding" outfit. Look at me embracing change:) As i have said before i am also scared of wearing white, i dont have much in my closet, because it easily gets dirty. But here i am. Enjoying it :) 

 For my shoes, i went to the wedding in these nude peep toe pumps which is the most comfortable pumps in the planet, imagine i wore this for 12 straight hours and my feet did not hurt! I swear! Though it was tiring hehe
Quilted Shorts-ASOS

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