Saturday, January 5, 2013

South Central Square

 Recently, just this Christmas break, i discovered a small but neat coffee shop just near my place, it was one afternoon where the boyfriend and i decided to check it out. The place is called Amare. This is the mini bar-ish for their coffee.
 Books to read. Take note that even though the place is quite small the interior design is impeccable. I would really love this in my room! haha but my closet is taking all the space. And i dont have the collections as well. Better start stocking up some good books and favorite ones too. Though speaking of, ive had a few collection, the one i randomly buy @ BookSale for as low as 20-80Pesos. Theyre a good read for a very cheap price :)
 Since i was on grocery duties also that day, i put on some cropped top which ive been collecting (oddly) because i swore i never looked good on them. Haha and took this snakeskin shorts for a spin, ive missed this shorts terribly.

 The place was so cozy but we ended up staying outside because we love people watching.

Top-American Eagle via Surplus Shop
Shorts-TNC Manila
Shoes-Juice (SM Dept.Store)

Have a beautiful Sunday!
To more discoveries this 2013


  1. Where is South Central Square? I've heard of it and sounds familiar. The place looks promising, too.

    1. Hi Chy! Its @ Robinsons Lawaan. The one in Talisay :)


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