Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sequins and Lace

 What do you wear to a high school family day? And please take note that the word school im referring to here is a catholic school. So what now? I havent carefully given much thought on what to wear for the ocassion actually, given that i am the family representative at my sister's lunch as per requested by her. We are such BFF's. And now we are acting like twins. I cannot believe ahah

 So, i wore this pretty laced dress that i got from Forever 21 last month for 234.50 Peso! Can you believe that? hahaha and not just that, this dress is size Large. I think all my purchases were Large but they seem to fit me so i got them without hesitation. And since this dress comes in  spaghetti straps, this sequined cardigan i got from a friends closet was hanging by and i just grabbed them and they fit perfectly well.

 What i love about this cardigan is that it doesnt shine like a disco ball, the color is mute but the sequins are flawless. Agree? So i can wear this anytime without having to worry about blinding someone haha

 Next up, is this teardrop earrings which i think really matched my aquamarine pumps. It spelled casual but elegant. Dont get me wrong, the event i went was only held in my sister's classroom, but i just had to dress up like always but gave this one an exception of dressing up a little extra special for her, since i was touched to be her guest of honor.

 Though later on, i had to change into these sparkly gold flats from Solemate because its hard to walk in pumps in a mall with pets, and yes i meant ParkMall, the only mall in Cebu that allows pets inside and also i had some bazaar hunting to do inside for my Environmental Mgmt class. We went there after the event,

 Mustard Laced Dress-Forever21
Gold Belt-Fiesta Mall
Sequined Cardigan-Marian's
Mint Pumps-Breckett's via Urbanog
Earrings-Downtown Finds

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