Friday, January 4, 2013

Pattern Play

 I always love mixing different patterns, especially if they work, or blend in so well. Like this.
I styled (well there werent more styling involved though) my friends clothes for her shop my closet section sometime this early December and this ensemble is just one of the few things she's selling and btw it's still available. If youre interested, you can fill up a form here. Or email me @

Top and Skirt AVAILABLE here.
Shoes-People Are People (Soledesire)



  1. Wow! heels in Amara.hehe, very cute look Coleen and those glasses look super cool..

    1. Haha the heels are quite mandatory :( haha Thanks Steph!

  2. pretty! mind to check out my new blog post and maybe drop a comment too? it would mean a lot, thank you :)

    xx, thestyleidiom.

  3. Hi coleen :) this is my first time visiting your blog. I have seen you on lookbook & Hyped every looks you've got, I see you're also a Cebuana and I always wanted to support my fellow Cebuana. I am new in the blogosphere, It's my third month of blogging, I started at lookbook last july 2012 and discover the world of blogging. Now, I am enjoying myself and would really love to connect with you guys. I am actually thinking of making a group that will cater Cebuana's in the blogosphere to interact and support each other. To organize some events here in Cebu will be awesome! ^_^ If you have time feel free to visit my site. :)

    1. Hi Akirah! Actually there is a group in Cebu, that caters Cebuanos and Cebuana's in the blogosphere, some members actually fly to Manila and paprticipate Blogger's United. And the group also posts events that bloggers can attend and stuffs. :) Thanks for dropping by! am glad to hear youre enjoying. :)


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