Saturday, January 26, 2013

On the Streets

 What do you wear to a street party? Whenever Sinulog comes, i always imagine myself wearing cut-out clothes, or clothes with less cloth! Like this top, i think it is perfect for Sinulog, agree? The thing is, when you go out to party on the streets you'd end up, dirty. Covered with paint and all, and i didnt wanna throw this top just yet, so i decided to stay clean,. (I know, im such a killjoy!) hahah but later that night we had a blast @ the BB party @ the terraces. So here's the rest of my outfit.

 Threw on some fedora because this years Sinulog wasnt rainy, at all! Which is odd. And finally, got to use this bandeau which i got for 4 for 100!

 Of course shorts were ideal and rubber shoes! I was actually afraid id get this dirty too! I know, i was so stupid for wearing all these!

Fedora-SM Acc
Shoes-Juice (SM)
Leopard Cardi-Sister's

Now, would you wear this to SINULOG? :)
 Special thanks to the boyfriend for being so patient with me and understanding my craziness and kaartehan during this day! Photo taken after our Festival Queen Show. :)
Just some of the few pics i managed to capture during that Day, as you can see, im clean!

SINULOG FESTIVAL is a celebration of CEBU, PH. In honor of Sto. Ninyo, the patron saint of the province.

I just wanna share few tips, as a proud Cebuana, on how to survive this festive celebration! :)

1. Wear a top you can throw away.
2. Wear a sneakers thats easy to clean, or if possible you can buy cheap espadrilles.
3. Wake up early! (never happened to me, is why :( )
4. Dont bring a DSLR, or big bags.
5.Always get ready to get dirty, specially getting paint from RANDOM strangers.

And so on.
Maybe i can post more tips on my next experience! hahaha
Ill be sure to wake up early!

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