Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh the Casual-tee!

 Okay im not really wearing a tee! haha but it looks like it though, in a form of a blouse. Hahaha im not making sense! But i was suppose to wear tee with this, the bulges on my stomach just has to hide for now.
For today's look, i went print on print. When i was a child, ive been doing print on print and my mom would say "Oh no! That doesn't look good! You dont mix prints, you only wear one print, and the other one should be plain" and you know what? I brought that grewing up! Haha but since the rise of lookbook and fashion bloggers, my love for print on print came back, actually it never goes away. Maybe its just a matter of finding the right patterns and mixing the right prints! My mom could also be right on something. Mixing two loud prints can be hurtful to the eyes but now, she doesnt seem to mind anymore, not because im all grown up, trust me sometimes i still get comments from her! haha

 I wore this outfit for a fitting (for a wedding), to hear mass and just chill with my sister, i wanted to wear these pants, i was just having a hard time looking for the right top (AS ALWAYS!) haha so i tried on some tees and its the time of the month where my PMS was just sooo annoying that i eat everything my brain shows me! As you can see i have gained weight. Its time to get fit again! And i mean it, i actually miss it when i was skinnier:/ haha but my grandfather doesnt approve. So as i was saying, my search for tops went on piles after pile, on my bed, till i saw this and might as well wear it, because its the closest comfort as TEE's can give you and i just think that the prints are not as busy as my bottoms. And lastly, grabbed this favorite pair, the shoes that will never hurt, i swear! I love these babies to death! And finished my look with a chandelier necklace. Tops like these looks empty without a neckpiece.

Top- Fiesta Mall
Pants- RedHead (SM GTW)
Heels- Urbanog

Sorry if my watermarks are so big! hahah I am still working on them, finding the perfect font. and size and color. Any suggestions are welcome :)

Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous outfit,love the summery look

    1. Thanks Shana! Glad it gives you the summer vibe :)

  2. Girl this outfit is HOT! Love the mix prints!


  3. Fabulous! I love the combination :)


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