Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hold that thought

Midterm week has just ended and finally, i can ease up a little bit, everything is so tiring and so stressful. My goal is to graduate by March of 2014 so you can just imagine the pressure of an irregular student coping up. But anyhow, dealing with pressure is a tough job for me. Because its either i strive hard or i sleep and stray away from the right track! Haha though shopping has always been my stress reliever which i havent done for quite a long time now. Which is, 3 weeks ago. It still feels long. sighs. haha

But between the pressure, doesnt really stop me from dressing up. As Elizabeth Cline from Overdressed says, that clothes are the extension of ourselves, we  dress on how we want to present ourselves to the world.

 So on a day full of exams and not to mention errands, i opted for a pajama pants, and light tank top and finished with a blazer to give my look a more corporate feel.

 Wore some low heeled pointees because i just love to rush and wear heels, it makes me feel like a working girl. hahah

 Blazer-Love on a Hanger
Pants-SM GTW
Pointees-Rusty Lopez

Just when i thought that pairing this striped blazer doesnt match my pants, and i just had to rush and i have no time to change. Seeing these shots, im wearing happy colors and it worked!
Just another blazer+tank+pants combo!

Just be sure to mix it right!


  1. Good luck on your studies, I'm sure you'll do just fine, don't stress about it! :) And lastly, you look really lovely.

  2. Great mix! I LOVE those pants!



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