Saturday, January 12, 2013

Different Marks

As a fashion enthusiast, i love reading blogs, me and my sister does. And i believe that each blogger has "different marks" or should i say signatures, on how they dress up, how they carry themselves and how they carry their confidence in pictures, how they establish themselves. And since me and my sister could get all FAN-GIRL inside, one day she took my outfit shots and directed my pose mimicking our favorite fashion bloggers! Hahah i am not in any way making a mockery out of them, as i have said, they have different signatures. Just think of this as a rendition to them, or a tribute! :)

 Now on to my outfit, i wore this outfit on a casual day with my siblings, i wanted to feel homey in shorts though and this romper is nothing but homey. I just added this amazing cropped beaded mesh top to make it look like a shorts. I have always wanted to try this one. And i am glad it went perfectly well :)

 Another "mark" on this post is that, i finally decided to put watermarks on my photos! hahaha but anyway, i also added this emerald necklace which my boyfriend surprisingly got me on a very random day at school, with a peanut butter sandwich and a bottled water on hand, i had to get out of my class for that <3 And for a fuss free look, i decided not to wear an arm party.

The outfit also went on from day to night, i only added some heels for the night, meeting up with the boyfriend, like old times. But on broad daylight at malls with your crazy siblings and not to mention bank transactions and other errands. Flats were a must!

Romper and Mesh Top-Forever21

Do share your thoughts on my watermark! :)


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