Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December through Instagram

Instagram has been a part of our daily lives, its where we get to tweet in pictures, agree? So thats why i always make it to a point to recap the month in a for of this post, of course through my daily adventures shared on Instagram :)



1. Surprised by the love of my life with no occasion :)
2. The 5 pounds my sister and i got for christmas and we dont want to change it haha
3. Christmas Day
4. BabyCakes finally got to hold him!
5. Redemptorist Church
6. Sunset by the South
7. Donning my new lippies from maybelline
8. Pink Sunset (NOFILTER) haha

1. Family Day
2. Dating <3
3. BonChon Chick!
4. Dates starts with coffee <3
5. Palabok from Mom
6. Before the fashion show
7. Stage Boyf
8. How to hide when you dont wear make up! haha

1.Carlo trying to sleep in our classroom! He's tresspassing
2.Best babes in 2012
3.Fridays at Krispy Kreme
5.Sundown at my classroom
6.Major Shopping Spree
7.Best finds in my old closet! haha

Happy New Year!!

I have updated my "Raid my Closet" section.
You may find something you like at a very cheap price :)
Some of the items i havent really used and some ive used once.

click here:

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