Monday, January 7, 2013

December AcquisitionsPart Two

Most probably everyone has a lot of acquisitions last month, and since this is my part two, its not very lengthy, i stayed away from malls after i shopped like crazy on December 1. See here.

But the first batch im gonna show you is not really NEW acquisitions, its more like a piece of trash before and i recycled. Haha while looking at a big box inside our room, i noticed that the box holds ALL of the clothes i had thrown away, gave away since i was 17, and now im 22 already, i cant figure out why the box is still there up until now. The box was supposed to be donated for typhoon/flood victims, my sister and i were bored so we sort out all the clothes inside and BOOM! we found ourselves waaayyy stupid for throwing out clothes we thought we didnt need! Its like finding out treasures of our own. The feeling was priceless! hahah

 A paisley top in its brightest lavender. What in the world was i thinking?
 TWEED JACKET! BEST FINDS OF ALL! I got this tweed jacket for the love of Gossip Girl, and figured i wont get the chance to use this, thank god its still in that box! (because tweed is making a comeback)
 A floral teeee
 A cute maxi dress! So summery with two slits on both sides! Im such a kid way back yes?
 A cute top. its a staple top!

So much for that, next batch is the new acquisitions. Please note that i did not put the gifts i received this christmas to avoid a lengthy post! hehe
 The giraffe pants from SM GTW, in its last size for me, and the last stock, plus a slash of 50% off! Though they also have the last size for Medium which my sister got! haha funny how we got identical stuffs but different colors and design for our presents this christmas, so we took the inspiration and we both got a super identical pants for us! Twins ang peg, kaso she's 14 and im 22. Haha but we are the best of friends! <3
 Next is, a fedora hat! In emerald green! Also 50% off! One of our wishlist for christmas is to get a matching fedora (not my sister but me and the boyfriend) he's been very supportive of my fashion choices, style and he always have the best compliments(biased eh), he always have a say on the things i buy, that sometimes i find it hard to shop alone! hahaha And whenever i get to the hat section he always tries on some fedora and amuse me into thinking he looks like Jason Mraz, seriously?? haha but , my boyfriend is the laid back type of person but since i told him he looks good in a fedora which he does, but not like Jason Mraz(haha), so we agreed! Finally, a one big check for this! :)
 A bodycon sparkly knit sweater dres, this dress was like an answer to a prayer, because while looking at the racks of F21, clothes after clothes, i was yapping about how i am not getting more stuffs THAT DAY and that im just gonna look and window shop, and i said the BUT word, like BUT if there's anything i'd really3 like maybe im getting it, and i was holding this piece and it was love at first sight! And when i went to the fitting room! It was true love hahah and my sister was right hahah
 And because sister is addicted to sweaters, i got myself one! hahahah which led me asking myself why i bought it days after i bought it haha

I also got these low heeled pointees. I love them since i can remember, i think pointed shoes were my first love, i remember having them in my highschool days, 3 pairs i think and then fell inlove with peeptoe and the list goes on.
And for some last minute shopping, since we OPENED December with F21 purchases, my sister and i CAPPED off December with F21 purchases. haha i wish they'd have more sales like that. We got this on NYE, like the malls were closed na and we were the last person in the fitting room and the lights were closed na and we were at the cashier and the gates were only half open! ahaha

Stocking up some tanktops in preparation for Summer!
And more tops! Because i NEED them. Like literally. Haha i rarely buy tops.
 and more bandeau's since the number of oversized armhole tanks i have is growing :)
Its a wrap!
BTW, F21 just had their sale AGAIN, the 50+50 markdown. Markdown prices are slashed to 50%!
So that explains the F21 buys! This month i am a Forever21 shopper! Teehee

We opened December in this.
and capped it off in this :)

Wish you all had a lovely holidays despite the global economic crisis! 
Lots of Love


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