Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crisp and Clean

I am wearing WHITE again! 2013 i think for me is the year to embrace change and to accept and face also the things that im afraid of. Not just in fashion but in life. After all, this might be the reason why i stocked up white dresses and tops last year.

  I wore this outfit to the Christening of my sister's nephew, her cousins son. I had no problems with the length of the dress though it is somehow backless. Sort of. So i had to wear a blazer because it was Sunday and that means church, also Christening happens at the church. duh. haha

 I just looove the whole thing dont you? I mean i look so clean and TIMELESS not to mention! White and Gold are the perfect two! Here you can see me again wearing a nude pumps. Wore some gold and pearl accessories. Classic and Timeless. Yes? I even borrowed my boyfriend's watch for a vintage vibe, and also because i forgot my watch haha

Dress-Betty (SM GTW)
Blazer-Fiesta Mall
Necklace-Charlotte Russ

To make things more interesting this outfit just won me a Belle De Jour Power Planner, courtesy of SM GTW!

Photo: Whyyyyy thank you sooo much @sm_gtw



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