Monday, January 14, 2013


 If youre from the province of Cebu then youve probably heard about Chatime or have been there. Pardon me fellow Cebuanos, i dont live in a rock but ive heard of Chatime but just havent been there, since the beginning of Milktea, i cant quite understood the craze till i joined. Haha my first milk tea experience was at Moonleaf, the one near our school, its very small, and could get really crowded during day time but it has the best milk tea ever. In my own preference though, some find it too sweet. And a very friendly price.

So last Sunday, i finally got the chance to go there because of a meet up, though i didnt stay, i just got my stuff, what captured me to go back ASAP was their cute furnitures and interior design!

 Can you just see how comfortable these seats are? But speaking of comfortable, i think Bubble Bee is wayyy more cozy and comfy but theeeeese are just too cute to pass up! a combination of pink and purple, my favorites! I regretted not bringing a proper camera for the day since i was just using my iPod.

Though, their milktea was okay, not too sweet and not so "tea" (bitter) lol
I still vouch for moonleaf :) though my boyfriend likes to taste a little of the tea really.

 Moving on, it was just another one of my 3 hour break when we went there and we always go out every Wednesdays because i get to wear civilian clothes. It was the time of the month, ladies, i just want to dress up like im going to bed and this is the best that i came up with. A cozy cardigan, a skull tanktop and my new pajama pants! One of the coziest i have. This is a new favorite so you'll be seeing more and more and more!
Black Cardigan-Old
Giraffe Printed Pants-SM GTW

So for everyone out there not from Cebu (or i wish someone out from Cebu was reading) HAHAHA you can visit Chatime @ eBloc 2, Asiatown I.T Park
Opens @ 11:00AM.



  1. hi! in case u didn't know, theres also chatime in manila :)

    1. Hii! I actually saw the plastic cover has flags some parts of the world and thought that they might have some branches there too. I havent thought about manila though! But thanks for the info :)

  2. the interior looks so cute, I haven't been to chat time but my brother brought me some milk tea when he got home, it was okay I still love Dimsums milk tea and teariffic in Sm :D

    1. It sure does! :) I havent tried dimsum but teariffic in sm is a little bitter for my taste hehe :)


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