Sunday, December 16, 2012


 So, 12-12-12 has already passed, and it is the last digits that repeats, i mean there's no such thing as 13-13-13 right? Haha maybe thats what makes it so special, but for me theyre just numbers, special numbers, though they dont mean anything, you dont place luck on those, i think you make your own luck. 
Here's the outfit i wore on 12-12-12.

It was an ordinary day at school, i wanted to be comfortable , like super comfortable, and there's nothing more comfortable than a pair or tanktop and pajama pants.

 With a touch of this floral blazer made of thin cloth, i survived the heat, the dresscode and of course the style? haha andddd, i immediately used this satchel bag that the student designer gave me as a token for modeling her design, i was wayyy excited because it was super cute! I am not the small bag type of person, i cant live with this bag but for the love of cute things, im willing to do what was necessary, and so i brought with me two cute small bags to fit all the things, just for that day :)

 Slipped on the most comfortable wedges i own and hid behind these super cute sunnies that i got from a friend! She left it in my bag and i havent seen her since then :( though we talk, i mean text. Occasionally! Demie, if youre reading this! i am enjoying your sunnies! hahaha

Pajama Pants-Redhead (SM GTW)
Wedges-Soledesire (People are People)

Though to cap my 12 12 12, FINALLY, my groupmates and i were approved for the longest time, we were approved by our mentor to finally conduct our event!! All for the love of grade. So maybe , just maybe, this day brought me some luck, after all :)



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  2. Hi Coleen! I love your blazer!


    1. Thanks Julia! :) Great finds you may say! teehee :)


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