Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Touch of Rainbow

 I wish my title is as good as my photo! haha there are days when you feel like everything is irritating, and this my dear ladies, are one of those, and those days also, makes you feel and look bloated. I bet all my girls reading to this would know that day. If not, its the day before your monthly period. Try to be cautious :)
I wore this outfit on a Monday Rush, to school of course, and the dresscode for the day is rainbow colors, so i donned on this orange-pink blazer and my blue cowl neck top. They are part of rainbow colors soo..

 Though i didnt really know what came up to me when i paired this rainbow colors with snakeskin pants haha maybe its just me and my style, i really want to make things weird, or out of the box, you know like placing something that doesnt belong and making it want to belong. If you get what i mean.
 Now this face is the face! hahahah
The back detail of the blazer which i fell inlove with! Point blank.

Blazer-Love on a Hanger (Fiesta Mall)
Blue Cowl Neck Top-ModBod (Fiesta Mall)
Snakeskin Pants- Doll House (SM GTW)
Flats-Solemate (SM Dep.)

Whats your Monday Rush outfits? :)


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