Friday, December 14, 2012

Steam Punk

 I did not know if i mentioned this some post ago, but recently, just last tuesday, i participated another fashion show, for CAFA week, with the same student designer of course. And this years theme is STEAMPUNK. I was really overwhelmed in a good way, when i saw the design, or the clothes that i was gonna wear, because i have never gone dark on fashion shows, or walk like someone else. Because this is sooo not me. though it reminded me or Cosplaying or Suckerpunch perhaps?

Thanks to my brother for taking the photos from my camera! <3
I hope you enjoyed the photos :)



  1. great design! you did a great job in modeling Coleen :D

    1. Thanks Steph! One of my forte's i could say, too bad hindi gifted sa height! haha

  2. You looks so fabulous! I love your outfit! :)
    Btw, mind to follow each other? I will surely follow back! :)

  3. hi im nviting u to join my blog's the link



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