Saturday, December 1, 2012

Start Small

Hello from Santorini!! :)
Not really! Haha But i really looooove the walls, dont you? Reminds me so much of Santorini, one of the places in the world i'd like to go to! :) This location is actually an old church! hahaha Though i did this while it was closed. So anyway, speaking of goals and dreams everything has to start small right? Like business, or career, well unless youre born with a silver spoon. What im gonna share today with you guys is, about the shoes. If you wanna invest in some high heels, which i know all women wants to but some are just afraid they might not know how to walk in it. Here's a tip: START SMALL.
When i was in high school, i started 1 inches heels, no platform, leveled up to 2, 3, and got my FIRST 4 inches heels when i was in 1st year college. Learn to walk in small inches first, and if boys and their toys means cars and etc, well i tell you girls, we also have toys, and i call them clothes and shoes. Remember when we were young? Our toys are our greatest treasures? Same goes to my clothes now. Materially speaking. I know it sounds shallow, but when it comes to things, its one of the things that makes me really happy. I feel like i can express myself very well through clothes, what i wanna be, who i wanna be.

SO GREECE, i am definitely coming for you, so im gonna start small, like, graduate in college? :)
And speaking of which, this outfit is one of my school diaries, as i always say, if you hate jeans, you might at least keep it fun by wearing of course a floral pants, or printed pants for that matter. And since its corporate wednesdays, i threw on some longsleevs, sort of polo haha

And some 3 inches heels! Where i start. Its a really great investment, because you can wear it anytime you feel like wearing heels, or feel like you wanna add some height, or you wanna flaunt some legs, without really having the pressure  of wearing high stilletos, not to mention killer stilettos, or you can also don some high wedges, but this is the best choice, trust me :)
Polka Dot Top-WAGW
Printed Pants-SM GTW

I hope you learned something from my blog today, for the first time! hahaha i speak from experience :)

Happy December you guys!


  1. You look gorgeous! That color looks great on you! LOVE that top!



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