Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Acquisitions

 Another round of acquisitions! So lets ramp this up shall we? :)

I call this the sailor dress! :) 
Slim yellow belt with gold buckle all from WAGW.  :)

Dress: 649

Carry lang diba?
 Bustier Dress.
On sale.

Fiesta Mall :)

 Cream Top-Thrifted
Stocking up some tanks :) Tops. <3
 Comic Print Bodycon Dress! Thrifted! Really one of a kind, plus the fit is really smexxiii :)

 High waist printed pants.
Well i guess the era of my printed pants obsession aint over yet haha
 Downtown finds! :)

 Parisian (obviously) Pumps!
@ 450 (Sale Price) Originally 899! :)
Neat right?
 Love in a Hanger Blazer! Got some amazing details! <3
Fiesta Mall:)
 The Accidental Skirt! Hahah 
This skirt actually has a story. Got this downtown @ 138, for 100p. Watch out for the story! hahahahha
 Syrup from People are People.
Okay because i bang on every Sale and because they just have the craziest markdowns in the world! Okay that's me exaggerating! Haha

 Juan by Janylin.
Sale Sale Sale! <3
 Something from Detail ByDetails <3
Ive Seen the Gillian twice and she's such a nice girl :)
And lastly, some floral printed blazer i could not resist just because i have the same skirt to match! Hahah
@ 380 Pesos! 

Now what did you guys get on this holiday rush? :)



Got this Solemate neon Sandals @ SM on the 30th of November, Just when i thought! haha


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