Sunday, December 30, 2012

Loving him was Red

 Yes, my title is Taylor Swifts song called Red, simply because i am wearing this striped red top, which is the only red top i have. And i am wearing Red because its the school's color code for the day. I actually wore this outfit to the fashion show from my last post.

 I loved how my pants and my top's contrasting prints compliment each other just fine. Though this top is too plain without the necklace and might not survive the day. And since its the pants first use, i think it deserves some height. So i added the most comfortable pumps in the planet, imagine me on my first day on period (sorry but i just had to say that! haha) with 730am classes to 730PM, and these heels were a miracle! I survived them. Maybe its because the heel height, its not too high nor to low.

 This fringed necklace has been with me for so long now, imagine i got this for 60 pesos only, downtown :) And it is such quite a statement agree?
 either i am shot midspeech or with closed eyes! hahah

Pants-Shopaholic (SM.GTW)

Hoping you're all having a greaaat holiday! <3

X and O's


  1. Pattern on pattern!! bold move!!

  2. the outfit looks really cute,,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Coleen!


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