Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I never thought

 Okay, lets play fill in the blanks, what is your I NEVER THOUGHT moments, i know there are lots of em but you know, lets stick to one topic, in fashion perhaps?
As for me and my title, I NEVER THOUGHT ID BEGIN TO LOVE SNEAKERS/RUBBERSHOES, whatever ya call it! Haha Just like i never thought id come to love pants! Speaking of which, i wanna warn everyone that there will be a series of outfit shots of me wearing PANTS , PANTS, and PANTS! haha because our school generously? (cough) well they gave us a one week pass, so we can wear civilian clothes (i.e not uniform duh!) for one whole friggin week! In christmas colors of course, but who doesnt love christmas colors? So yay for that! :)

 Now where were we? Okay i never really thought! hahah big claps for innovation! Did you know that i got these for 249 pesos only? Yes you heard that right! And theyve got some durable stuffs you know, i mean Juice, from SM Dept. Store, the one where i got these babies! And no its not a sale price, it is what it is! And they sell like pancakes too! And mind you, im still getting one, i have floral now, metallic, hmm whats next? Animal print maybe? :) I actually had this on "USE" meaning i used it after i bought it, it just went well with the outfit i had during that day!

Top-Fiesta Mall (a 50peso steal! and yes its brandnew)
Two Toned LeatherShorts-Second Shop
Bag-Fiesta Mall
Shoes-Juice from SM Dept. Store 
Belt- WAGW

I'd really like to thank my beautiful sister for taking such amazing photos for this blog! :)


  1. Love, love this outfit! Those shorts!!!!! FAB!!!


  2. I love the lighting in the photos and this has got to be my favorite outfit from you as of yet. =)


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